Alternative Investments

LiFE Ventures – Investment vehicle who deploys private capital into early-stage companies across the UK, Europe and Israel.
LiFE Ventures website

Chip – AI driven savings and investment platform. Chip’s uses technology to break down barriers so you can build a truly diverse portfolio, with one simple place to manage your wealth.
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Connectd – World’s leading platform for early-stage funding. Their mission is to break down the barriers that exist in early stage and start-up investment to bring together startups, investors and business advisors.
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snap it
Snap It – Last mile delivery service for tradespeople. Those in the trade industry know every job is different and with over 150k available parts in the UK, knowing what’s needed for every job is not always possible! As a result, tradespeople can be spending hours a day sourcing parts. Snap It solves this issue by enabling tradespeople to order parts in 30 minutes.
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Founded in 2014, Converge digitises the entire construction process by building AI and cloud-based technologies that are powered by a suite of proprietary wireless sensors.

Converge partners with the companies in all areas of construction to develop cutting-edge technologies and elegant human-centric solutions that solve the most difficult problems in the industry.
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Wingmans launched as a Street Food pop up in June 2015 as a sponsor of the British Summertime Festival in Hyde Park and has since gone on to attend a large number of events, festivals, collaborations and residencies throughout the UK And Europe. With its first permanent outpost in the old Kilburn Ironworks, Wingmans specialise in homemade comfort foods with focus on gourmet chicken wings freshly tossed in a signature sauce of your choice, accompanied by homemade American style sides.
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Visilean New
VisiLean - An innovative cloud based lean production management service for the construction industry. Developed from ground-up as a system for construction professionals and workers, it supports synchronous visualisation of process and product. It is the only product in the construction sector that provides a production management workflow integrated with BIM.
Visilean website

Pando Health – Pando is a communication company on a mission to connect healthcare and deliver specialist support for patients in one click. With one of the largest amount of users of instant messaging in healthcare, Pando has built a hive mind that gets clinicians collaborating all over the UK. Whether it’s connecting clinicians to clinicians or patients to specialists, Pando is here for health.
Pando Health website

Jeremy Carson created Fit Kit after being diagnosed with arthritis and increasing his exercise regime to combat this.

He started using muscle rubs and nose strips after working out but found them annoying to use or would forget them when he went to the gym. So he decided to combine the benefits of these products with everyday toiletries he would be using anyway.

This was the start of Fit Kit.
Fit Kit website

20 Shots
20SHOTS offers a bespoke and interactive interface to bet on customised teams and individual players fantasy performances!
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